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September 2, 2012

Good evening, readers!

I just finished leading a group of women in morning meditation periods for the Phenomenal Women’s Summit in Birmingham, Alabama today. I shared the song “A Life Touched by Pain” as part of my sharing this morning. Amina McIntyre, faithful blogger for the Summit, captured this song and posted on YouTube. Take a listen as you read the SONGnotes, the story behind the song!


As I continue to prepare for the release of my recording project, H2O, I thought it might be good to give my listeners, family, fans, and friends some background on the songs that I wrote for it. I am starting with “A Life Touched by Pain” because it has been the most difficult one for me. Here goes!

This song has been a long time coming for me, one that I never felt was finished until last month, one that drained me emotionally as I brought it back out to write an opening and record. The bulk of this song came to me as I sat by my father’s bedside during Summer 2002 at NorthEast Medical Center in Concord, North Carolina. My father, Monticello Jefferson Howell, had weathered a multitude of health crises and had bounced back repeatedly, prompting my sister and I to say that he had nine lives!

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