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February 4, 2016

An on the ground view of the Flint, Michigan water crisis…

Voices from the Infant, Toddler and Family Field

Yesterday two of my friends and I had the honor of volunteering in Flint, MI for a small NGO called Crossing Water.   This is a volunteer organization started by some members of the National Association of Social Workers-MI chapter.  The goal of this group is to create connections among community groups in Flint to help serve impoverished communities who are deeply affected by the current water crisis.  What I saw was heart-breaking beyond words.  And it was only one day there.  I am trying to imagine living this way and I can’t.

We came to a low-income housing complex run by the Flint Housing Commission.  I saw a case of water on people’s doorsteps that had been delivered earlier in the day by volunteers.  There was no governmental system in the complex to test water, distribute water, or provide lead-testing to the children.  This is a complex managed essentially…

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  1. Beverley, this is not just happening in Flint………..1000s of similar happenings are across the USA, where greedy companies care Little or nothing about what happens with toxic waste, sludge ponds that overflow into rivers used for drinking water, so what happens……….not very much, and feww 1000$$$$$$$$in poilticians pockets and the problem is forgotten, and by and large the people who suffer say or do very Little………..from Sweden

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