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An apology for a career

January 25, 2017

Thanks, my friend!

Sub Renovationis

In the last blog I shared some feelings about the theological and social issues with the construct of white Jesus. In it I included a screenshot of Vicki Yohe’s Instagram where she posted a meme of a very white Jesus with luggage making his move “back” to the White House.

“You know you are doing something right when there is so much opposition.”

I can’t even begin to say all that is wrong with that sentence. As a product of Word of Faith/Demi-Pentecostalism, there’s a theological, therefore social positioning that lays claim to counterculturalism as a marker of true faith and sanctification. The intent is good, but the message is ultimately bad: if you don’t believe these things, you don’t really have faith and believe in God. The crossover appeal of white Evangelicalism, in my opinion, is based on the ease with which cultural appropriation takes place in worship spaces.

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